TBOHolidays Web Service : Version 7.0

This service can be integrated into various application(Web app, Mobile app etc). It is intended specially for developers and also other team members get through this document to know how it works. This guide provides all the required information to integrate this hotel web service. We recommended that you read this full guide.

This guide explains the use of each method, what support we are providing to use the web service efficiently, how to access the resources provided by TBOHolidays. We are also providing some samples (code samples as well) to ease out the integration process. Also this document contains the certification process you need to go through for Live access. The document assumes that you are familiar with web services technology. Still if you face any issue or any concern you can reach us as apisupport@tboholidays.com.

Version 7 new features in comparison to older Version

  • Search with improved response time, and response content GZIP enabled.
  • Schema optimization for all the methods to reduce request/response size.
  • Search filters- order by price, star rating.
  • Results available in preferred currency, hotel/room-wise promotions included.
  • Results available with/without de-duplication.
  • Optional Supplements available.
  • Cancellation policies available in free text/XML nodes format(whichever available).
  • Single method to fetch single/multiple rooms cancellation policies.
  • Single method to create vouchered/confirmed booking.
  • Payment mode option available e.g. pay by limit/fawry/credit card(fawry and credit card for future use).
  • Single method for auto-cancellation and delayed cancellation.
  • New method to make amendment request.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Static content available for de-duplicated properties.
  • Import booking with client reference number, this will help client to know booking status if booking response is not received at client due to connectivity or any other issues.

Expected WorkFlow





Offline Amendment